Where can my business advertise?

Every digital platform has different strengths. 

Google Ads

There is no better time to reach a consumer than when they have an intent to buy. Google search ads put you in front of the right people at the right time.

We make it possible for businesses to compete online by placing their websites higher in search results of Google.

Why is it important to rank higher in Google? Well, more than 90% of consumers search on Google before making a buying decision. We help your website rank higher, beat your competition, and drive more sales.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Posting organic content on a Facebook business page, without supporting it with paid advertising, is like a tree falling in the forest. You may post some great content, but it won’t make a sound.

Facebook users simply don’t visit businesses’ pages all that often. On the other hand, Facebook ads allow your business to target very specific audiences based on their age, behavior, interests, location and more.

It is one of the most precise targeting tools available online or offline and it can work for almost any sized budget.

LinkedIn B2B Advertising

If you are selling to B2B customers, you must consider LinkedIn as one of your primary awareness and lead generation tools.

Using the rich data users provide to LinkedIn, there is no better way to narrowly target a select group of business customers. When browsing the world’s largest professional network,

LinkedIn users are usually in a business mindset and open to ideas relevant to their business. Whether your goal is leads, brand awareness, or even event registrations, LinkedIn ads can help.


If you have a fun or fashionable product, TikTok is THE place to be.

There is no hotter platform right now than TikTok. In fact, within the past 18 months, the number of US adult TikTok users has grown 5.5 times, receiving more downloads within Q1 2020 than any other app ever during the same time span

It’s still new for many advertisers and might be a little more expensive than other media, but it can be a valuable tool.


87% of Pinterest users have purchased a product they found on Pinterest. That should be enough to pique your interest, but there’s more.

Pinterest is a great visual marketing medium and reaches a more upscale (higher income) and female-heavy audience. Pinterest users spend a lot of time on the platform searching for ideas—and sharing their ideas, too.

With the rise of home improvement and DIY trends brought on by the pandemic, Pinterest’s popularity has increased significantly.

Pinterest allows users to search for inspiration and create their own Pinterest boards where they can save and categorize content that interests them.